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Nassau Sub Bahamas Trip

Nassau Sub Bahamas Trip

Join the fun crowd of SUB aquanauts for an unforgettable experience in a seahorse-shaped submarine. Explore coral reefs and colorful fish at 15 depth

From     USD 166


USD 166



3 hr Day Duration

Morning Trip 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Afternoon Trip 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Tour Details:

At SUB Bahamas your underwater experience begins with a submarine orientation by our professional SUB guide. During the briefing you will learn basic piloting skills and simple operating and communication procedures. Following your orientation, you will board our comfortable custom-built 55’ support vessel that will take you to one of Nassau’s famous reefs.

Throughout your submarine adventure, a team of professional SUB guides will supervise and escort you and your friends around a spectacular coral reef feeding the fish along the way and stopping to show participants marine life. Zooming effortlessly around the coral gardens on your personal submarine will give you the unique opportunity to interact with colorful tropical fish and living coral. Custom videos of your submarine experience will be available for purchase after your undersea excursion.

It’s the coolest. Easy Way to Enjoy the Fish & Reefs. Join the fun crowd of thrill seeking SUB aquanauts for an undersea experience you’ll be telling all your friends about.

Easy, extremely safe, really fun and you don’t need any scuba or snorkeling experience. Our experienced and highly trained staff will assist you every step along the way.

You and your fellow SUB pilots will be completely familiarized with the simple controls and communicating with hand signals.

The seahorse shaped submarine propels you at a depth of 15 feet around the coral reef and along side colorful fish at a speedy two knots.

Your program includes complimentary round trip transfers from your hotel, SUB briefing, use of a SUB unit for a dive, and SUB Guides to assist you. Your boat comes with fresh drinking water and ice.

What are SUBs?

Think of a self-contained underwater motorcycle with a large two foot clear dome keeping your head perfectly dry throughout your ride around the underwater reefs. The “bubble” or dome – is large enough for your head and even your hands. This ensures that you can still wear your eyeglasses and adjust them as necessary. It also means that you are breathing normally – through your nose and mouth – without the need of using snorkel tubes or regulators like you would when diving.

If you choose to take an underwater camera with you – it is very easy to line up the shot by holding your camera up to the outside of the dome.

SUB Bahamas Trip

Your personal sub unit is propelled by a small battery operated engine that you have full control over. The steering console allows you to direct the unit left and right. It also contains your power switch. The ascents and descents are controlled by the safety divers who slowly take you up and down a control line. There is also a buoy that is tethered to your sub, preventing the SUB from descending deeper than the planned 15-20 foot dive.

Life support is provided by air stored in a SCUBA cylinder that uses a regulator to keep air continuously flowing into the bubble. In addition, you also have an instrument panel that shows you how much air is remaining in your tank and your current depth.

Finally, the heavy battery which is the power source, is stored on the floor board. Your unit also has lead weights in the bottom of it. When you combine all of the weight on the bottom of the unit, with the buoyancy created from the large bubble at the top – the result is an extremely stable platform.





  • Pilot your own one person mini-SUB underwater on a shallow reef teaming with fish and colorful coral!
  • No experience needed!
  • Includes free snorkeling.
  • A safe and fun way to see the underwater world.
  • Your program includes complimentary round trip transportation from your hotel.

Useful Information:

  • Your program includes Round-trip Transportation, Academic Orientation, SUB Experience, Snorkeling
  • To be an undersea pilot you must at least 12 years old and in good physical health
  • During the winter months, the water is a bit cooler. Wetsuits are available for rent. The cost is $12 per person for a full body (long legs and long sleeves).
  • Your boat comes with fresh drinking water and ice.

Physical Restriction Policy:

In order to participate in the SUB Bahamas experience, you must meet these minimum pilot qualifications:

All participants will be asked to complete the SUB Bahamas Registration and Release form and a Medical History form.

While the SUB Bahamas adventure is not a strenuous activity, because you are breathing air underwater at depth, it does require you to be in good general health.

The medical history form above gives you a complete breakdown of areas that may be of concern. However, in general, the following conditions are considered absolute contraindications and prevent us from allowing you to participate in the actual SUB dive:

Not everything on the medical history form is an absolute contraindication to participating in the SUB Bahamas experience. However, if you do answer yes to any of the areas of inquiry, we may need to ask that you consult with your physician prior to participating.

Cancellation Policy:

This activity is refundable with a 5% cancellation fee prior to 7 days out. At 7 days out (and No Shows) cancellation is non-refundable. 

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